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Hi! I’m a 42yo happily married (yeah, really) father of three. I live in Pasadena, Texas (yes, I remember Gilley’s). I go to church, pay my taxes, and I took the red pill.  I drive a Japan-built Toyota with 140,000 miles on it and I plan on replacing it with ANOTHER Japan-built Toyota of the Lexus persuasion in a 2002 or 2003 ES300- maybe even a ’04 ES330 replaced it with a sporty Hyundai i30 (labeled as Elantra GT in the States). The daughter is getting the Highlander.

I’m a self-proclaimed (actually, I’ve got many that agree) geek (not nerd – those are a candy). I READ the manual before assembly, I look in magazines for the ads (just the tech ones), and just about everyone I know uses me for computer, TV, home theater, digital camera support and do-it-yourself car maintenance. It’s good to be like Mike.

I just made the switch to streaming for home TV, so I’ll have plenty to say about that here.

Politically, I’m a moderate Christian pro-choicer with a strong twist of “thirty-something liberal leaning.” Add my rather off, gross, and dry sense of humor, and as you can imagine, I entertain myself quite a bit…. WITH my clothes on and shoes OFF.

Socially, I’m the refined introvert.

Should you feel a desire to email me, well, it’s my first name @ this domain.




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